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A trio of our mini Eau de Parfum housed in 2ml glass roller ball vials.  

EROTICA Earthy, Aromatic, Irreverent

Erotica is a compilation of familiar touch, spicy woods and worn-in leather. Clean, aerated stems collide with the richness of Australian sandalwood and amber, creating an air of moody sensuality that runs deep into the skin. Tempting and imbued with confidence, Erotica is the ultimate distillation of innocence and sex appeal.

MODICUM  Warm, Woody, Magnetic

Modicum tells a story of warm skin, forbidden fruit and heady afflictions. Bittersweet saffron and cinnamon bark are tempered with Australian sandalwood, delicate musk and labdanum, leaving a desirable trail of smouldering spice. Expansive and all-consuming, Modicum effortlessly blends masculine and feminine energies into one addictive essence. 

BOUJEE  Ripe, Juicy, Insatiable 

Boujee is an embodiment of the finer things in life; a moreish blend of ripe fruit, honeyed saffron, fresh cedar and delicate musk. An alluring clash of sweetness, woodiness and warm-skinned softness, Boujee is multi-faceted, magnetic and completely compelling. 

At Adition, we value premium and luxurious ingredients that never compromise on the sophistication of our scents.

Erotica, Modicum and Boujee Eau de Parfum is a clean but concentrated scent anchored on the raw material of Australian Sandalwood. It contains no less than 30% pure fragrance.


Alcohol, Perfume (Fragrance) 30%, Benzyl Benzoate, Aqua.


No Mineral oil | No Petrolatum/Paraffin wax | No Animal By-Products | No Silicones | No Parabens | No Propylene Glycol | No Ethanolamines | No PEG | No Sulfates SLES | No EDTA | No ALS | No Phthalates | No Retinol | No Nitro Musks | No Polycyclic Musks | No Synthetic dyes | No Formaldehyde | No Phthalates


Sensory Profile: Woody | Musky

Opening: Bergamont | Violet Leaf | Cardamom | Lotus

Heart: Fir Needle | Lily of the Valley | Tea Rose 

Base: Australian Sandalwood | Cashmere Musk | Amber | Oudh


Sensory Profile: Oriental | Woody

Opening: Saffron | Cinnamon Bark | Apple 

Heart: Oud | Dry Amber  

Base: Labdanum | Australian Sandalwood | Musk


Opening: Saffron | Red Apple | Pear | Bitter Almond

Heart: Jasmine | Rose | Cedar

Base: Australian Sandalwood | Musk | Amber

Adition fragrance is created from plant and flower remedies. Contributing to better health with positive feelings and emotions helping to increase and raise energy.

EROTICA —  Bergamont: Calming | Violet Leaf: Individualism | Cardamom: Warming | Lotus: Positivity | Fir Needle: Healing | Lilly of the Valley: Mind | Tea Rose: Self-love | Sandalwood: Grounding | Cashmere Musk: Clarity | Amber: Calm the mind | Oudh: Uplift

MODICUM — Saffron: Boost Energy Levels | Cinnamon Bark: Anti-anxiety | Oud: Uplift | Dry Amber: Calm the mind | Labdanum: Relieve stress | Sandalwood: Grounding | Musk: Clarity


Alcohol Free Oils / Non Toxic and Pregnancy Suitable / Vegan and Cruelty Free / Sustainable / Intense and long-wearing / Genderless / Aromatic / Made in Australia.