Smell good always, be good sometimes. 

Founded in Australia by sisters Ashley and Alexandra Mcpherson, Adition is a contemporary fragrance house that subverts traditional notions of scent. 

Adition was created to fulfil a desire for an olfactive experience that’s sensual, genderless and expressive. We want to fill the space between people with scents that are evocative and emotive — less thinking, more feeling (and occasionally, more touching). 

Hand-made in small batches by local perfumers, we use the finest raw materials and extracts. Each fragrance — from Perfumed Oil to Eau de Parfum — is vegan and cruelty-free, with naturally-derived botanicals at the forefront. 

To enter the world of Adition is to experience clean fragrance with an erotic edge. 

For him and for her. 

For him, For Her.

Fine Fragrance.

Sensual. Genderless. Expressive.

Vegan - Cruelty Free.

Hand-made in Australia.